Total Field Game (TFG)

30/10/2022 10:00

About Total Field Game

Total Field Game began by a group of archers in Platanovrysi - Achaia in 2013 which was the first attempt of archery at field in Greece. The field archery happens in the open nature with the archers making shots at targets with unknown distances from 10 to 50 meters, however, placed on slopes, rivers and other natural obstacles and with irregular physical conditions. Regulations have changed so as to embrace all categories of archers and all kinds of arches and so very very quickly field archery was embraced by the archery community.

In a very short time TFG became the favorite GAME of archers in Greece and abroad so today are organized annually 3 INTERNATIONAL TFG with participants from all over Europe, in Platanovrysi - Achaia , in St. Ioannis - Pelion and in Daphnoula - Ioannina . We aspire from the next season to organize at least 5 TFG International games in Greece and abroad.

Regulations Total Field Game

  • All competing archers will be qualified in the bow category they participate, both individually and in men-women categories.
  • a. T-TRADIΤΙΟΝΑL: Historical bow copies. One-piece bows without window. Wooden arrows with feather vanes.
  • b. L – TRADITIONAL: One-piece bows with window. Wooden arrows with feather vanes.
  • c. B- BARE BOW: Take-down bows made of Aluminum, Wood, Carbon etc. according to WA rules for target archery. Free choice of arrows.
  • d. R-RECURVE: Recurve bows according to WA rules for target archery. Free choice of arrows.
  • e. C -COMPOUND: Compound bows according to WA rules for target archery. Free choice of arrows.
  • f. I -INSTICTIVE: According to WA rules for target archery.
  • Broadhead usage is explicitly forbidden And any tool measuring distance electronic, audio, etc.
  • 5.1 Targets can be of any material (eg. foam, compressed straw etc.) as long as it retains safely the arrows. The targets can have paper target faces or painted spots on them. A number of targets can be animal representations (3D-targets).
  • 5.2 Target distances vary from 10m to 50m and are unknown to the archers. Besides the targets to be announced by the organization.
  • 5.3 At distances from 10 to 18 meters, 4 triple faces will be used per 20cm field archery target, and each archer must strike each one of the 3 vertically target with 2 arrows. In case that any other arrow strikes each target more than 2 times, automatically the higher value in arrow is removed. Above 18 and up to 25 meters we will have 4 faces of 40cm. The first archer of the team shoots in the upper left, the second in the lower left, the third in the upper right and the fourth in the lower right. At distances from 25 to 50 meters will be used 1 or 2 field archery faces 60 or 80cm. Six (6) arrows per archer. The field rating is valid. 6 points in the center, 5 points in the rest of the yellow and 4, 3, 2, 1 points the black circles. Customized targets (sacks) can be used at distances from 10 to 15 meters with a 5 cm yellow point for target. 1 (one) arrow per archer (hit-miss). Grade 6 every success.
  • 5.4 The winner of the game, per category and gender, is the archer with the higher score on the score board.
  • 5.5 In case of tie, the winner is the archer with the highest score at the first target of the venue.
  • 5.6 In case of tie following article 5.5, the winner is the archer with the highest score at the first arrow of the game.
  • 5.7 Maximum allowed arrow diameter is set according to WA rules (9.3mm) (Fita Legal).
  • 5.8 Allowed bow strength (poundage) is unlimited.
  • 5.9 Shooting line is comprised of wooden sticks on the ground, painted with red dye and is common for all shooting archers. Alternatively the shooting line can be a self-evident spot like a red dyed rock.
  • 6.1 The organizing committee creates groups of archers from 3 different clubs with minimum 3 archers and maximum 4, starting from starting point every 10min.
  • 6.2 There is a maximum time of finishing the round that will be announced by the organizing committee in due time.
  • 6.3 There is a maximum time of finishing the event that will be announced by the organizing committee in due time.
  • 7.1 All archers must agree and comply to the rules of the event.
  • 7.2 All archers must have a valid health certificate issued by HAF.
  • 7.3 Any archer that jeopardizes the safety of other archers or the event altogether, will be disqualified.
  • 7.4 All targets will have behind them a stopping wall or ground. There will be no crossing arrow trajectories.
  • 7.5 Putting an arrow on the bow beyond the shooting line is prohibited.
  • 7.6 A team escort guides 2 groups of archers throughout the entire route and supervises them for safe shooting.
  • 7.7 It is obligatory for a rescue team to be present on the venue at all times.
  • 7.8 First aid kit must be present on the venue.
  • 7.9 Spectators must always be out of the arrow trajectories and range and always at predefined positions and safe spots
  • 7.10 The game will be interrupted immediately, in case the organizing committee decides there is danger for the archers or the spectators.
  • 7.11 No one is allowed to pass in front of the shooting line before all archers finish shooting.
  • 7.12 It goes without saying, but it’s better to be mentioned.. A small backpack with water bottle, hat, sun-protecting cream, a second blouse, a wind protector, a small umbrella, some sort of snack, pen, photo camera, first aid kit could be advisable. Usage of proper walking shoes is mandatory.
  • 8.1 All relevant HAF regulations are in validity. Conducting the Event.
  • 9.1 Valid time throughout the event The official time of the event is considered to be the time announced by “14844”.
  • 9.2 Arrival of archers at starting point After they have finished equipment inspection and 15min before start time.
  • 9.3 Starting order Will be announced by organizing committee.
  • 9.4 Equipment Inspection All archers must present their registered bows at Equipment Inspection area in the morning before the event starts.
  • 9.5 Declaration of problem during a shot \:
  • • Any archer facing a technical problem must report it to the judge immediately.
  • • All arrows that do not remain on the target will not be scored..
  • • An archer can skip a target as long as this is reported on the scoreboard.
  • 9.6 Penalties
  • 1. 1. 5 points will be subtracted from an archer’s total score when causing a delay of 1-15min and 10 points for delays 15-30min.
  • 2. In case of causing a delay over 30min, the archer will be disqualified.
  • ARTICLE 10
  • Appeals
  • 10.1 Appeal fee : €50.
  • 10.2 Any appeal will be processed immediately by the Jury of Appeal in co-operation with judges and involved parties.
  • ARTICLE 11
  • 11.1 The temporary Qualification and Results will be announced at the finishing point of the event and will be confirmed 40min later.
  • 11.2 The announcement of the final Results will take place at the award ceremony area.
  • ARTICLE 12
  • 12.1 The awards will be as follows:
  • 1st place Medal
  • 2nd place Medal
  • 3rd place Medal
  • 12.2 The best score of L, B, T have a Trophy. The “Best Hunter” from Erottera Art Workshop.
  • ARTICLE 13
  • 13.1 The award ceremony will take place on finishing place.
  • 13.2 In case of prize winners not showing up in award ceremony, they lose the privilege of receiving their award later on.
  • Paul Koulis

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