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The PELOPOS ACADEMY PATRAS was established in 2004 beginning with bowling, then chess followed and in 2012 was created the section of Archery . In 2013 the academy became a member of the GREEK ARCHERY FEDERATION (G. A. F.) and in 2015 was recognized from the GENERAL BUREAU OF SPORTS. In these years THE ACADEMY HAS OFFERED GREAT SERVICE. It created the first archery park in Greece in Platanovrysi - Achaia, where anyone can try archering, always with the advice of the coach of the park. A very important innovation for Greece is that introduced the Field archery and created the regulations of TOTAL FIELD GAME . Currently has more than 70 athletes across GREECE and has in its classes 6 Coaches WA HAF, 2 judges and of course many athletes in the first category.

The objective of the ACADEMY is to create an athlete nursery and teach with safety the art of archery. Our latest achievement is the HELLAS-ARCHERY.GR , a digital platform that aims to embrace all archers and provide high quality services.

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Join us and learn the Olympic sport of archery safely from certified instructors and you will become a part of our beautiful company! A few words about our operation: Training is programmed 3 times a week, Tuesday & Thursday 16.30 - 20.30, Saturday 10.30 - 14.00 , and depending on race preparation Sunday as well. The archery equipment is provided free by the club and the monthly fee is only 10 euros. There is no age limit and everyone can participate in competitions or simply to learn the art of archery and archering whenever he wants.

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